ECORELIANT EcoReliant is a privately owned environmental firm comprised of experienced engineering and hydrogeological service professionals. We provide safe, reliable and cost-effective field and analytical services to environmental managers, civil engineers, consulting firms, municipalities, and government agencies. We are committed to honest professionalism, academic excellence, and the preservation of our environment. GROUNDWATER ASSESSMENT + MONITORING + COMPLIANCE + PERMITTING + STATISTICAL ANALYSIS + DRILLING OVERSIGHT + CORRECTIVE ACTION + CAD DESIGN + PHASE I & II ESA OUR SERVICES LEARN MORE GROUNDWATER ASSESSMENT Contamination of soil and water caused by industrialization has become a major environmental issue in the United States. Industrial sites and municipal waste landfills are potential sources of pollution that may cause ecotoxicological effects on terrestrial, aquatic and groundwater ecosystems. EcoReliant knows water quality data are only as good as the water samples from which the measurements are made. Even the most precise laboratory analysis of a water sample cannot compensate for improper or poorly executed sampling procedures. MONITORING & COMPLIANCE Water quality monitoring is the primary concern of much due diligence, site investigations, regulatory compliance, and remediation. The key to success of any compliance program is developing and maintaining a good working knowledge of the project and regulations governing it. LEARN MORE PERMITTING The Clean Water Act prohibits discharging “pollutants” through a “point source” into a “water of the United States” without a NPDES permit. The permit will contain limits on what can be discharged, monitoring and reporting requirements, and other provisions to ensure the discharge does not hurt water quality or people’s health. LEARN MORE STATISTICAL ANALYSIS Groundwater statistical methods have applications throughout the life cycle of environmental projects. Statistical analysis plays a major role in the stages of an environmental project life cycle: release detection, site characterization, remediation, monitoring, and closure. Although projects may vary in their progression through these stages, groundwater statistical tests can support decision making, regardless of how the project is defined. LEARN MORE CORRECTIVE ACTION Corrective action is a requirement under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) that facilities that treat, store or dispose of hazardous wastes investigate and clean up hazardous releases into soil, ground water, surface water and air. LEARN MORE DRILLING OVERSIGHT Most clients in need of monitoring well design understand such work must be done under the direct supervision of a geologist, engineering geologist or civil engineer with current state registration. Personnel must also have experience in hydrogeologic investigations and monitoring well design and installation. However, when it comes to the drilling and installation of these monitoring wells, other quality assurance practices need to be adhered to. LEARN MORE CONTACT
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